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We’ve invested ~ $2 billion in our biosimilars as part of our long-term commitment to help create a more economically sustainable healthcare system1

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prescribed trastuzumab
The Amgen

*Data collected from Q3 2019 to March 12, 2021. Data collected from April 24, 2020 to March 12, 2021.

Real-world evidence that can't be replicated5-10

Innovator Oncology PORTFOLIO


products, including
therapeutic & supportive care



including biosimilars, for more than a decade through natural disasters and during COVID-19



of lives covered—unrestricted, with no step edit required for KANJINTI® and MVASI®§

Estimated Patients


with Amgen Biosimilars**



countries in the manufacturing & distribution network



by Amgen SupportPlus for MVASI®, KANJINTI®, RIABNI®, and AVSOLA® ††

by Amgen SupportPlus for MVASI®, KANJINTI®, RIABNI®, and AVSOLA® ††

  • From American Society of Health System Pharmacists: ongoing data monitoring (2007-2017) (2019-2021); FDA (2018-2020).
  • § From MMIT coverage in July 2022 for KANJINTI® and MVASI®. Covered is defined as covered with no step edit. The data represent plan participants enrolled in commercial and Medicare Advantage plans.
  • ** Based on global data as of December 2021 and includes an inflammation biosimilar.
  • †† As of 4/11/23. In order to ensure the same patient is not counted twice for services associated with the same product, “10,200 patients supported” is a conservative claim. Note, that patients may be counted more than once if they requested support for more than one biosimilar product.

At Amgen, we understand healthcare practice economics.
That's why we're a proven long-term partner.

See how your colleagues are experiencing
Amgen Oncology Biosimilars—watch the videos below

My Experience With Biosimilars

Lee Schwartzberg, MD, FACP
& Chris Marcum, PharmD

See their experiences with
Amgen biosimilars.

Choosing a Biosimilar Manufacturer

Lee Schwartzberg, MD, FACP
& Chris Marcum, PharmD

Understand why they consider
manufacturing quality to be important.

Institutional Adoption Process
for Biosimilars

Chris Marcum, PharmD

Hear his approach to successfully
adopting biosimilars.

Building Confidence in Extrapolation

Lee Schwartzberg, MD, FACP
& Chris Marcum, PharmD

Find out why they’re comfortable with
extrapolated indications.

Supply Shortages in Oncology

Chris Marcum, PharmD

Discover why reliable drug supply is critical in oncology.

Part 1: Are You Ready for Biosimilars? What the Oncology Team Should Know

Host, Matt Birnholz, MD
& Guest, Gary Cohen, MD

Learn about the development pathway
for biosimilars.

Part 2: Are You Ready for Biosimilars? What the Oncology Team Should Know

Host, Matt Birnholz, MD
& Guest, Gary Cohen, MD

Learn about the regulatory approval
pathway for biosimilars.


"I was actually very excited [about Amgen Biosimilars] because Amgen has a very long experience in manufacturing biologics."


"I want a manufacturer who's got experience and has got enough scale to supply me with the product in an uninterrupted fashion. My patients deserve that and need that."

Dr Lee Schwartzberg,Oncologist


"When we choose a manufacturer, we look at product portfolio. If they are heavy in oncology and biologics, then we know that they know what they're doing."


"Amgen does have a large support network and plenty of data available to help guide providers and pharmacists through some of these switches over from the reference product to a biosimilar."

Chris Marcum,Pharmacist

Learn more about the Amgen
Biosimilars development program

Pipeline of 3 biosimilars across therapeutic areas

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